True respect for the child is only possible when we have respect for God in the child.
— Maria Montessori, The Child in the Church

Level I Formation Course

Children ages 3 - 6

The Level I Atrium lays the foundation for the child's encounter with the Catholic community of faith. The Atrium itself is a community in which children and adults live together a religious experience which facilitates participation in the wider community of the family, the Church, and other social spheres.

In the Atrium, work and study spontaneously become meditation, contemplation, and prayer.

The Atrium is a place in which the only Teacher is Christ; both children and adults place themselves in a listening stance before his Word and seek to penetrate the mystery of the liturgical celebration.

The themes presented in the Atrium are those to which the children have responded with depth and joy. These themes are taken from the Bible and the liturgy (prayers and sacraments) as the fundamental sources for creating and sustaining Christian life at every developmental stage and, in particular, for illuminating and nourishing the child in his/her most vital religious needs.

Key elements of Level I Atria include:

  • The Good Shepherd

  • The Eucharist

  • Baptism

The course also includes presentations, adult reflections, practice time, material making, and Montessori theory.



Level I: Catechist Formation for working with children ages 3-6

John XXIII Montessori Children's Center
1401 Linden Street
Front Royal, VA 22630

Formation Leaders
Maggie Radzik, AMI and CGS certified; and Laura Accettullo, CGS certified

Part II: June 17-22, 2019